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Madrid, the capital and most-populous city of Spain, is the second largest city in the European Union. While Madrid maintains modern infrastructure, it has preserved the look and feel of many of its historic neighborhoods and streets. It's cheerful and vibrant at all hours and is famous for being an open city with all kinds of people from anywhere in the world. 


When it comes to art museums, Madrid is considered one of the top European destinations.  In addition to its famous museums, busy streets dotted with all kinds of shops, restaurants with world cuisine or unbeatable nightlife, Madrid will surprise you with its charming, tranquil historic spots, with traditional and family-run century-old bars where friends meet up for a drink, all kinds of neighborhoods, and cultural centers that offer an alternative type of tourism. Madrid has an authenticity that is hard to match. It is welcoming and diverse. Without any doubt, Madrid is one of Europe’s most interesting cities.

Its cultural and leisure offer ranges from free entry into museums to the most exclusive VIP areas. This city does not understand prejudices, so the LGTBQIA community has one of its favorite destinations here. The options for enjoying Madrid with the family are just as infinite, as they are for the most traditional travelers, the most alternative, extravagant and even the most flamenco visitors.

For further information visit the official website of Madrid

Image by Florian Wehde
Madrid Stock Exchange
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